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Matthew just finished filming a commercial for GE. Unfortunately he doesn't
have a speaking part. He said just look for him behind Christopher Columbus.
He said he didnt' have a speaking part, but hey. I would sell my sister to be
standing behind Mr. C!


Matthew was in an episode of Without  a Trace!!

Can you believe it! It was a small part, but any exposure is good. His characters
name was Oscar. You would have seen him in the very beginning, as well as near the end.
I have some pictures of his role in the photo gallery. Just go to the television section.

Matthew can be seen on Amercian Television in a
Miss Clairol CommercialIt's for Herbal Essences Hawafena.
You'll spot him as the handsome young man
that is patiently waiting for his date to finish washing her hair.
He waits, and waits,until he suddenly becomes a handsome old man.
For those that like Matthew with
long hair....LOOK AWAY!!!

You'll find a link on my Fansite in the bio section that
leads to a website for the
man that did the make-up for Matthew. You'll also
find a before and after piccy on his site. Be prepared
to see eighty year old Matt. Once again ladies....

I've updated my entire photo gallery for Matthew, as well as added a page.
On this site you'll find promotional photots, agency head shots, as well as some
surprises thanks to some of Matthew's loyal fans. Just go to my

New Story on the Stories site!
Elisha  flees from her persuers, she stumbles upon
an injured man. It's  Robin Hood, but he can't save her.
He's blinded. Elisha now has to protect Robin as well
as herself.
Visit the story site to read this new story from Lisa Arnold.
Incredible Adventure

Matthew's new movie,
A Man called Rage is now called Dream Warrior
New site advertising movie. Link found
on Matthew's fanclub website

It will be out on VCR only this summer.
 Link to site found on homepage


Todays Trivia Pic???
"I won't wear that stupid hat!"

Viewing of Matthew for March
All times Central Daylight Time

Cable Channel
Sat 14

2:00 AM
Code Name: Eternity
Death Trap
Sci Fi

The New Adventures of Robin  Hood 

 airing in Germany 
Saturday at 2.30pm on RTL2
I thank Paddy for this information
Thanks to Astrid, I am able to let you know that NAoRH Will be 
shown on Saturday RTLII,  at 14:00
It is also airing in France, Austria, Sweden on Channel 5,
Australia, Japan, and Russia

We are praying for you Matthew!! All of your fans are
hoping that that Hollywood wakes up!!!
Keeping fingers, toes, eyes, arms, legs, looking, and bearing a cross
that he will be getting a great part soon.
As always, once I find out, I will post it on this site.

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