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 "A Robin by Any Other Name" By Virginia Cavazos




Betrayal By Joan Woodcock 
A sequel to Joan's wonderful story, The Rescue, found on my 1st Edition.
Robin is sent an urgent message from his step-mother. His half brother is near death. Of course, he does not hessitate leaving the safety of sherwood. This is just the beginning, of a wonderful story that has it all. Action, a mystery, Romance! What more can you ask for? Joan has once again weaved a marvelous story. 



Until Dawn Breaks By Laura Feltyberger
Michael Posner was lonely that night.Hitting the local bar, he was stunned to find a woman, that made him a true believer of the old adage, Love at first site. But as he tried to get to know the woman who he knew would be the next Mrs. Posner. He soon found she had a secret, that would strain their relationship. Will true love win out?? Please partake of  this wonderful alternate story, that has Matthew as the lead character. Laura has wrote a marvelous tale, that is sure to have you wonder - why the heck she isn't published yet!!!


The Wizard of Time By Virginia Cavazos
This is my first, crossover Story. Doctor Who - meets Robin Hood. Or rather, Matthew Porretta's Robin Hood. The Doctor is waiting for a monumental event to happen in history, but it never occurred. He soon finds out that the noble outlaw, Robin Hood is involved in changing the time line. He must go back in time, to right this wrong. Not knowing, that he would be the instrument of death, for the Legendary Robin Hood!!



Secret Part of The Return By Paddy Visit Paddy's Web Site
Robin is very ill, and no one knows why. He is trying to cope with it as best as he can. Until he begins to loose his sight! There is no other alternative, they all agree to take Robin to see Olwyn. Only he will be able to find out what secret tragedy that Robin holds on to so strong, that it is killing him.



Welcome to Television By Alisha   Visit Alisha's web site
Robin wakes up to find himself in a strange place. There is a woman that looks like Marion, but is not, and what is that strange box that has pictures and sounds coming out of it?? Praying that it is all a dream, we now have a new - alternate - tale of Robin Hood, or is it Matthew??


Arrows of Fire By Shelly Quinn  Visit Shelly's Web Site 
A powerful wizard needs a man that has a pure heart, and a pure soul. Hmm, sounds like a certain outlaw in Sherwood. It will not be an easy task, he will be needing help, he gets it from an unexpected source. 
First Love


First Love, First Hate By Virginia Cavazos 
Why does Sir Guy hate Robin so?? It must have begun a long time ago. Here is an alternate story, where Robin finds his first love, and makes a bitter enemy, of a one time; good friend.


Suffer the Children By Laura Feltyberger
Robins strength has always been his duty to the people, and the children. However, what would happen if his confidence in himself as a leader, was taken away, because of the very thing he swore he would protect? Pray, read on, and you will find that fighting the Prince's men is not all fun and games.



The Undiscovered By Sandy Neumann    Visit Sandy's Web Site
This is the sequel to Sandy's marvelous story, A Gift or a Curse. Found on my 2nd Edition.
With Angels arrival at the camp, it seems that she has caught the eye of a certain, Will Scarlet. But in the wings is the evil Lord Langton - wanting his precious Angel to return to him. He holds no stops in bringing her back to his fold. But she is not the willing servant anymore. Thanks to the love of Will, Langton decides to use this against the fair angel. What happens next ends, Langtons reign of terror, but begins a new fear for, Angel, that has her asking herself again - Is it a gift or a Curse?


Spells versus True Love By Melissa  Visit Melissa's web site
Sir Guy just won't except no for an answer! He still thinks that Marion will finally come to her senses and realize that he is her true love. Tired of the failed attempts, he decides to use another type of persuasion - Magic! Will it work? Find out. 
(I want to thank, Melissa for allowing me to post her story, this is her first on my site.)
Power Over All By Paddy           Visit Paddy's Web Site
Robin has had enough!!! This time the Prince went to far. And soon he will learn what it means to anger a certain outlaw!! 
(Once Again our German Author returns. Thank you Paddy for allowing me to use your stories.)
Name .
A Robin by Any Other Name by Virginia Cavazos
Robin awakens in the middle of the night. Hearing a call for help from the wizard Olwyn. Leaping from his bed he heads towards Olwyns mystic cave. What he finds there is something that would change his life, as well as others. 
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