Thank you one and all fortaking the plunge, and getting your feet wet, visting my most humble site.Dedicatedto a man that I can truely call My Hero. 
Matthew Porretta

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Hello to all you MatthewPorretta fans:
Why a site for MatthewPorretta??
 I know many of youwonder, this. Well my answer to that is simple, I fell in love with thewonderful character that he created. In fact all of his characters. Matthew,I think, is something that we need more of, he's a good, old-fashionedHero. When he would say, “I’m Robin Hood.” I truly believed.  I thinkit’s sad that we have to live in a world, where the children worship murderers,and their heroes are the drug dealers that run the streets. Matthew createdsomething that I think all mothers would like their children to look upto. He showed us a man that was pure of heart. Not afraid to fight forwhat he believed in.We saw a deep friendship between his co-stars - whichshowed on screen, and you knew carried off screen.
 Whatis a hero? 
Matthew, you definitely wereone, and still are one to me. I pray that you continue to give today’schildren, and those in the future, someone that they can look up to. Oneof my friends has told me her children have destroyed her furniture jumpingon top of her tables, waging Robin Hood sword fights. 
How do these fights end? 
Why the good guy always wins!Which is as it should be, there is nothing wrong with that. We have livedwith this standard for hundreds, no…thousands of years, but in the moderndays, we seemed to have forgotten this noble standard. I want to thankMatthew for bringing this back. Your character was clean, charming, funny,noble, giving, handsome. The list just goes on. I have always tried tokeep  this   Robin Hood alive in the stories that I havewritten. It is because of Matthew that I now know what I was put on thisearth for. It was to write! 
Thank you Matthew for lettingme find this out.
 Please, continue inyour art, for you have something special, that has not been seen on thesmall and large screen for many years. You showed a rare presence and noblestandard. It is that part of your wonderful personality, that caused somany women to fall in love with you.  One of the writers for my sitehas a line in one of her stories, that I think sums up Matthew very nicely. 

 “Isee a man, whose Physical Beauty; is a Reflection of his Soul.”ShellyQuinn

This is why I have a sitededicated to Matthew Porretta.
 I deeply thank you,one and all for visiting my humble site. I swear too you...the fans. ThatI will try to continue to keep this site, as fresh, and imaginative asMatthew is. 
 {{{{{Bowing to oneand all}}}}}
Thank you for all your visits,and thank you Mrs. Porretta for giving us this Gift of God. My hero, 
Matthew Porretta

Yours truly,
Virginia The Lady In Waiting:{)>
(Matthew means Gift of God)

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