"All Other Love"
    This was a poem that was heard on a favorite Episode of the  fans of the show, 
it was called Bombs Away. The episode co-starred Matthew's brother Greg as Sir Guy. 
 Episode Synopsis:
    Vying for Marions Affection, Sir Guy ordered an assassin to Kill Robin Hood. Marion read the note meant for Robin. Going to the tavern, she was caught in a trap set for the Sherwood outlaw. Sir Guy and Robin attempted to rescue Marion, but the trap was set. Robin delayed a bomb from going off long enough for Sir Guy and Marion to escape. As they left the Tavern, the bomb exploded - with Robin still inside. All thought that Robin Hood was killed in the blast. Marion...in her grief, sat by a window sill, wondering what her life would now be like - without Robin Hood. Until, who should be climbing up the side of the castle? But Robin Hood, alive and well! 
     Robin grins warmly at Marion, gazing lovingly into her eyes; he began to quote a poem that Marion had written to him when they were children. 

     This poem has now  become the basis for many a story written.  I am dedicating this page to that Poem.  I am including a wave file of  Matthew and Barbara quoting the poem from the episode. This is my dedication to a wonderful episode, and an absolutely romantic scene. 
     I also will try to list as many translations and Wav files of the poem in as many different languages that the Fans make possible. 

Caution: Some AOL'ers may have problems with the wav file. It may take time to open up. "Choose Open File from Current Location" If you have a Windows Media Player it should open up quickly. 
     Enjoy the page!!
 Wav files of 
   All Other Love 
In English
With the voices of
Matthew Porretta and 
Barbara Griffin

In Italian

In Spanish

All Other Love is...

All other love is like the moon,
Which comes and goes like flowers on a plain,
The bud that blooms and withers soon,
The passing day that ends in rain.
All other love I flee for this:
To find myself within your heart.
To you I promise my first kiss,
And with it swear we'll never part.

Elke andere liefde is zoals de maan,
Die komt en gaat als bloemen langs de wegen,
Als een knop die zal vergaan,
Na een dag vol met regen.
Elke andere liefde laat ik staan:
voor een plek in jou hart.
m'n eerste kus zal naar jou gaan,
en niemand krijgt ons meer apart.
 "Translation by Saskia and Noortje"

oli i alli agapi einai san to fegari 
pou erhetai kai feugei san ta louloudia sto horafi. 
Ena boubouki pou anoigei kai hanetai sintoma, 
mia mera pou pernaei kai teleionei me vrohi. 
Oli tin alli agapi tin afino gi autin 
na vretho stin kardia sou, 
kai sou iposhomai to proto mou fili. 
Kai m'auto orkisou oti de tha horisoume pote. 
 "Translation by Popie"

A hearty thank you to Diana for the three following translations. 

Todo otro amor como la luna es.
Que viene y va como flores en el llano.
Cual capullo crece y pronto muere,
O el dia que pasa y en lluvia acaba.
Todo otro amor por ti lo dejo,
Para encontrame dentro de tu corazon,
A ti prometo mi primer beso,
Y con el sabras que no me separado
Translation by Lety
Tutto l’altro amore è come la luna
Che viene e che va come i flori su un prato
Un bocciolo florito e presto appassito
Un giomo di pioggia che ormai è passato.
Da tutto l’altro amore io sfuggo per questo
Per trovare me stessa dentro il tuo cuore
A te ho promesso il mio promo bacio
E da te ho giurato di non seperarmi.
Translation by Eleonora

Tout l’autre amour est comme la lune.
Qui vient et qui va comme les fleurs sur un pré
Un bouton fleuris et bien tôt fané,
Un jour de pluie qui desormais c’est passé.
De tout l’autre amour je fuis pour ça,
Pour trouver moi même entre ton coeur,
À toi j’ai promis mon premier baiser,
Et de toi j’ai juré de ne pas me separer.
Translation by Eleonora

Jede andere Liebe ist wie der Mond.
Sie kommt und geht wie die Blumen auf dem Feld,
Eine Knospe die erblueht und bald verwelkt,
Ein praechtiger Tag der mit Regen endet.
Jede andere Liebe will ich für dich meiden,
Um mich in deinem Herzen wiederzufinden.
Dir will ich meinen ersten Kuss schenken
Und schwoer damit mich nie von dir zu trennen.
Translation by Paddy

Kaikki muu rakkaus on kuin kuu
joka tulee ja menee kuin kukat niityllä
Nuppu kukan, joka kuihtuu pois
Ohimenevä päivä loppuu sateeseen.
Kaikkea muuta rakkautta kavahdan
löytääkseni itseni sinun sydämmestäsi.
Sinulle lupaan ensisuudelmani,
ja lupaan ettemme koskaan erkane.
Translation by Crystal

Al anden kærlighed er som månen,
der kommer og går som blomster på en slette,
knoppen som blomstrer og snart visner,
dagen der går og ender med regn.
Al anden kærlighed undgår jeg for dette:
at finde mig selv i dit hjerte.
Dig lover jeg mit første kys,
and med det sværger jeg at vi aldrig vil forlade hinanden.
Translation by Ulla Wandel

All annan kärlek är som månen,
som kommer och går som blommor på en slätt,
en knopp som blommar vissnar snart,
en dag som slutar i regn.
All annan kärlek flyr jag för detta,
att finna mig i ditt hjärta,
till dig lovar jag min första kyss
och med den svär jag att vi aldrig ska skiljas
Translation by  Caroline Bostrom
Todo outro amor é como a lua
Que vem e vai como flores em um campo
O botão de flor que floresce e logo morre
O dia que passa e termina chuvoso
Todo outro amor eu fujo por isso
Para encontrar-me dentro do seu coração
A você prometo meu primeiro beijo
E com ele jurar que nunca iremos nos separar
Translation by Alline Rodrigues de Souza Rio de Janeiro

Will Scarlets Rendition of the "Love Poem"
Will finds the poem in Robin's tent, he begins to read it outloud. 

All other love is like the Moon?
Now Wot is that suppose to mean? Oh I gets it, you needs the moon to
runs' from a jealous 'usband. Okay. Lets see wot else is 'ere.

Which comes and goes, like flowers on a plain.
There you go, give a girl flowers, that's a romantic thin' to do.

The bud that blooms, and withers soon, the passing day that ends in rain.
Wots so romantic about dead flowers, and gettin' soaked?

All other love I flee for this
I knew 'e were runnin' away from a jealous 'usband.

To find myself within your heart.
Yeah, in 'er 'eart, then in your tent. Next thin' she's got 'er mother
in your tent, and 'er whole bleedin' family!

To you I promise my first kiss
Hmm, I new Robin were good...but not that good!

And with it swear, we'll never part
Thats it, I'll be partin' with me lunch now! 

After reading that silly, flowery,...(A throat is cleared from behind
Will. Stiffening, Will continues..) Most wonderful, beautiful poem I
ever read.

Spinning around, Will finds Robin standing before him. Glancing at the poem in his hands, a sheepish grin crosses his face. He shoves it out, nervously laughing, "I founds it!"
"Really?" Robin asked, as he snatched it. "Oh, I see, you found it, hidden under my pillow."
Will swallowed hard, his adams apple bobbed up and down. 
"Can I just say one thin?" he squeaked
Robin's dark eyes were smoking, he folded the poem, and slipped it in
his tunic. "What is it?"
Will was slowly moving towards the tent's opening, "Well you see Rob,"
he took a step closer, "After readin' that poem, all I 'ave to say
"Yes?" Robin asked. 
"Wot were you drinkin' when you wrote that, because I'll be swearin' it
off fo' the rest of me life!" He shouted as he ran from the tent.
Running out, Robin called out to the fleeing Will. 
“Marion wrote it.”
“Thats Great, I never liked water anyways!"

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Poem Compliments of Jenny

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