The New
Adventures of
Robin Hood

Episode Guide
The Matthew Porretta Years

Season One
Rage of The Mongols
  East meets Robin Hood. A battle, and an affirmation that our Robin does wear clean underwear. Praise be!
         Attack of the Vikings
    Large hairy men, our long haired man, a bad haired man. Put them together and they spell trouble.
                   Robin and The Golden Arrow
    Robin has to find the Golden Arrow from Bran the Muffin. (Sorry couldn't resist!)
                              A Race Against Death
     A story that gives new meaning to lets go fly a kite. Also liked the handcuff scene! YOWZA!!
                                          A Price on His Soul
     Picture the pinup girl for the epilady! Also Robin in bondage!! Movie at eleven.
                                                     Marion To The Rescue
     A great show for Feminism in Sherwood!  Robin in bondage again, Hmm seems to be a pattern!
                                                               Legend Of Olwyn
     Seven words that need to be said. "Where the heck did you get that wig??" Nuff said
                                                      Witches of the Abbey
      Robin Dead!! Say it isn't so!!! Ahh what's this?? Gee I want to give Robin the mushrooms!!
                                         The Arabian Knight
       A smile, a smirk, a dimpled grin. And by far the most exciting sword fighting, action scene on TV today!
                                  The Birthday Trap
   An old flame, he's thrown into the flames, a bleeding Boo Boo and the reason sisters should not marry brothers.
                      Miracle at Avalon
      The Happy birthday fairy made an appearance on this show. And  Sir Guy, who looked strangely familiar?!
              Dragon from the Sky
     Um this one was about a {clearing throat} Alien from outer space. But Robin Hood Looked great in Black!
Nightmare of the Magic Castle
     Thoughtful looks, bare chests, nice special effects. And a scene of LJ carrying Robin that has been the basis
     for many a story to be written!

Season Two
The Ultimate Army
 Long Haired emmy for an actor, and A very touching scene between a father and his wonderful son.
         The Legion
 Robin in a pony tail. (NO HIS OWN!) Three assassins, Marion kidnapped, Robin to the rescue, nuff said 2.
                   The Devils Bride
  Mix in some Star Wars, add in a little Legend, and spice it up with Swan lake and PRESTO, Devils Bride
                              The Prey
  Jumping, Climbing, Leaping.  Action galore in this one. Plus the Favorite of all fans (sigh) Arrow making 101
                                          Bomb's Away
 A poem whispered in the darkness, old and new romances. And I swear that Guy looks familiar!
                                                     The Road To Royston
  Red Ridding Hood meets Robin, The big bad wolf wants to marry her sister. And you hated your in-laws?
                                          The Mystery at Druids Grove
 We meet Kemal that  A** Kicking Outlaw! Loved Robins blouse, and Marion seemed to have changed!
                                                   The Legion Of Amazons
  Robin leading the Amazons?? It could happen. Robin gets a tap on the butt? I want to be an Amazon!!
                                         Outlaw Express
  JACOBI!!! A killer with killer looks, That decorator and Sheriff looked awfully familiar?!  And Wot do we 'ave 'ere? Oui' our Robin'ood is speakin' in a cockney accent! And we pause to say God Bless Matthew's Trainer!
                                  The Scepter
  Night of the Living Dead! No not your honeymoon!! Zombies invade Sherwood, Yucky alert!!
                      Justice for All
 Montel in leather, in Sherwood, with a Druid priestess that thinks she's Obe Wan Kenobi. Or is it his next show?
              Percy's Ghost
   Exorcists-r-us, the best Wall walking of the season! {God bless Matthew's legs} And the Matty Head SLAP!
Your Land is mine Land
 A lot of Magic, Great Swashbuckling, from a great swasher! And a scene with sword fighting, a half grin and a    swing down a rope in front of a castle that would make Errol Flynn and Douglas Faribanks proud!

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