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For the 2nd Edition of
Matthew Porretta's

The Bargain By Debbie Szabo

   Gazing into those deep brown eyes sheloved so much. "I had no choice Robin. If I didnít agree you all wouldhave been killed. Guy even painted a pretty good picture of how he woulddo it." 
   He gripped the bars even harder. "Donítdo this. We will think of something, you canít sacrifice yourself for us." 
   Lifting a slender hand she reached throughthe bars and cupped the side of his face. He leaned into her hand and closedhis eyes briefly. When they opened again they glistened with unshed tears.Her heart broke at what she saw and her voice was shaking when next shespoke. 
"Oh Robin, I wish there was another way but thereisnít. Guy planned this one really well." 

   A tear began to fall down her face,then another. He went to wipe them but she moved back taking her hand fromhis face as she did. To let him touch her, knowing it would be the last,was too much. Collecting herself, so that all that needed to be said couldbe. 
Man of my Dreams By DebbieSzabo
Wheeling from the kiss Robin tried to gather his scatteredthoughts. He felt the same tingling sensation as before. He needed to fightthis, to block out the pleasure and focus on breaking free. Finding thestrength deep within he grabbed hold of it using its power he managed toraise both his hands to her shoulders. With a forceful shove he pushedher away. Unprepared for his actions she fell backwards and landed hardon the ground. 

Snarling she rose to her feet her face a mask of fury.Robin for his part was breathing heavily from his efforts. They both staredat each other until a sinister laugh averted their attention. 
Looking over to the source of the laughter they sawNevit. He had witness the exchange between the two and found it very entertaining.Striding over he placed himself next to Marion. Placing a possessive armaround her shoulders he addressed Robin. "I see she is going to requiremore practice. Itís bad form to let your victim slip away." Then givingthe outlaw a unconcerned but quizzical look he said. "Speaking of slippingaway-how did you manage to escape?" 
"Iím full of surprises." Robin replied, arrogancethreading his tone. 
Nevit gave his shoulders a slight shrug. "Itísof little consequence, a matter that is easily rectified."
The Unicorn By Shelly Quinn
He waited, bracing himself, till the assassin of theunderworld was almost on top of them. Then, as one unit, Tuck and the others

lifted Robin into the air. The outlaw somersaultedover their heads, and Gal's, and landed on his feet. Gal whirled aroundto face the mortal and in that instant, Robin stuck. As he felt the loveand faith of his friends flowing into him, Robin combined it with his ownstrength, love and faith, and put the force of those emotions behind hishit. As if in slow motion, the palm of Robin's right hand slammed intoGal's chest, directly over the creature's heart. 
White light, and energy, crackled from robin's palmand burst into flame within Gal. He howled in agony then shook. A momentlater he exploded into a flash of bright light which showered sparks inthe air. Then he was gone. In that instant, Robin collapsed, his body goinglimp as if it had turned to liquid. It had been his lifeforce...his spiritand light...that had destroyed Gal, and there was little left to sustainhim. Marion and the others ran over to Robin, falling to their knees besidehim. "How is he?" Marion asked, as she watched Tuck examine Robin. "Notgood," the Friar replied. Robin was barely breathing. "Look!" Little Johnshouted. He pointed towards the waterfall and gazed in wonderment as theUnicorn appeared. Marion was stunned. "Beautiful," she whispered. 
Sisters of the Night ByShelly Quinn
"Who are you?" Robin demanded, one hand lifting to curlaround her slender wrist, with the intention of making her release him.But it was his wrist that was grabbed, and his arm twisted up behind hisback so that his bare chest was pressed against hers. 

Jackquel was nearly Robin's height, lacking only an inch,but she was reed-slim and fragile looking. Still, she held him easily,then bent her head to claim his lips. 
"No.." Robin protested, trying to pull his head back.But Jackquel's free hand was still tangled in his hair and she held himstill. Robin froze she was beautiful, and desirable, but he liked to bethe one in control in this kind of situation. So Robin raised his freehand to push her away. Only when he pressed agaisnt her shoulder he discovereda rock would be more easily moved. Jackquel never even flinched. 
"What are you?" Robin challenged, for he could sensethat she was not mortal. Her beauty was surreal and her lips, like herskin, was icy-cold. Add to that the strength of ten men and he was prettysure that some kind of magic was afoot.
"Do not fear me, Robin," Jackquel beseeched him, evenas her fingers left his hair and glided over his face. She gripped hischin in her hand, forcing him to lock eyes with her. Then she smiled asthe fire in her gaze brightened and glowed. "Sleep sweetly, pretty one,"Jackquel whispered.
Robin felt a heaviness suddenly invade his limbsand darkness wrapped it's arms around him. He shook his head, trying tofight it off, but it dragged him down. With a sigh, Robin collapsed. 


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