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Drawings made for Stories
By Virginia Cavazos
"The Joker, Snapman,And Robin"

The wood was piled high at Wills feet. Lookingup into the sky, Will lamented. "And 'ere I though I would be leavin' thisworld killed by a jealous 'usband!" 
"My Heart, My Soul" 

Tuck's head turned and looked  into Robinsconcerned eyes. His deep blue eyes were wet with tears. Robin had neverseen Tuck cry before.
"Robin, you don't understand. It's not themwho think I choose wrong, its me!"
"The Ties That Bind" 

The shapeshifter went to help Robin up. ButLittle John angrily  waved him off. Placing his hands under Robinshead and knees he gently picked him up off the bed. Holding Robin in hisarms, he tried to hide his fear to Marion, Robin now felt as light as afeather!
"The Great Roberto"

They practiced the shot for hours, Robin wasgetting dizzy from being held upside down for so long. When Jaime was convincedthat he had the shot down pat he told Jonah to take Robin back to the wagon.Jonah evilly grinned and suddenly released Robin. Robin quickly reactedand landed deftly on his feet. He smiled up at Jonah as he said. "'Owsyour dog missy?"

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