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Thanks to Geocities closing up shop late summer, I've had to move the entire Fanzine site to my Fanclub webserver. Whoo, boy. I never realized just how talented Matthew's fans were. BOY did I have to change alot of links. (Cough) Please excuse the place, as It's still under construction. If you find any links that don't work, please don't hesitate to Email me.

Warners has finally released a DVD of the series. Here is a link to buy the DVD
 Warner brothers site

Silly Warner brothers. they put Barbara Griffin on the cover, we all know
that Anna was Marion for the first season. Oh well, at lest we can now bet the series.
Unfortunately there are no extra goodies, just the episodes. I'll post when they hopefully
 get the second season up of Matthew's episodes. YEA!!! We got our DVD!!!!!!

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Matthew does visit his websites. To let him know of your support for him. I've created a forum, where you can give him your wishes of luck in his future career. On Broadway, Television and Movies! 

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Welcome To My Web Site!

This is a Fanzine site that is dedicated to the multi-talented actor

Matthew Porretta
On a fateful day on January 13th, 1997 - a new series began on a United States Cable Channel called TNT. It was called, The New Adventures of Robin Hood. On that day I fell in love with the most fantastic portrayal of Robin Hood I have ever seen.
     Matthew Porretta brilliantly portrayed Robin Hood,  for 26 marvelous episodes. Sadly, he left the series, going on to other things. 
    From the moment I saw him, I immediately felt, that his Robin Hood, was the best portrayed  on the screen - large and small.
   H e inspired me, as well as many others; to try to keep that wonderful, magical, pure hearted Robin Hood he created alive.
  D ue to his fantastic portrayal, I found that I could write, and draw, and I now share that with his fans. Thank you Mr. Porretta, for being Robin Hood - even if it was for  a short time. 
Virginia The Lady In Waiting.:{)>
This site  is  an 
Online Fanzine
 of Original Fanfic and artwork. I have many stories written by myself, as well as many of Matthew's devoted fans. You will also find some stories with Matthew as a different Character
Just what is my site about??
This is where you will find links to his unofficial cyber fanclub, as well as many other things 
about his  varied career.

Why a site for Matthew Porretta??
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Updated Picture on this site

I will be updating my web page often! If you have any problem
with a web page, or link please use the Reload or Refresh
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This is to notify all visitors that all stories and drawings shall not be duplicated or sold in any way or form. This site is set up purely for the enjoyment of the fans.  I also want to thank the Weintraubs and Matthew Porretta for creating a wonderful character. The possibilities for stories are only limited by the imagination. And as my friends can tell you, I have a fantastic imagination. So this could end up to be a very large web site. Here's hoping! Thank you one and all for visiting my site. Any picture on this site is used with the explicit permission of TNT. They are not to be duplicated in any way or form. 
This page is in no way affiliated with  Tarnview Limited in Ireland and Dune S.A. in France,   Metropole Television and P.E.C.F. in France, Baltic Ventures International Ltd.and Warner Bros. International Television Productions.  It is an unofficial site that exists only for the non-commercial enjoyment of fans. All characters and situations from the television show "The New Adventures of Robin Hood." are the property of Sandra Weintraub, Fred Weintraub, Tom Kuhn and Warner Bros. No copyright infringement is intended by this use of any television characters in these amateur efforts. Any fan-created fiction or art linked to these pages is the intellectual property of the fan author or artist who created it and is not presented here for profit. Follow this link To check on Copyrights for posted stories, poetry and drawings.
  "Who is this man I'm about to kill?"
The evil sheik snarled as he clicked the bladed glove. Robin pulled his sword from its leather sheaf, the scraping sound of the sharp metal blade could be heard echoing in the large room. Brandishing his sword before him, a half smile curves his lips. 
         "I don't know who that guy is." He says with a dimpled grin. "But my name is Robin Hood!"
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