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First Season
Updated 03/10/07
The first four pictures are looks they wanted for Matthew. The naked belly vest reminds me of Iolus. And the white shirt would have been heck in dirty Sherwood.

Into Sherwood rode, I mean
Robin Hood

I bet Matthew was happy they didn't go with this look.... 

He would have had to worn long under wear under his skin, Lithuania is cold!!

Look out Robin!! That vine is attacking you!!

Lithuania trees are very sturdy!!

Matt is the king of the devlish looks.

And magical with the spining knife.

Swords, a thousand and one uses. Use 725, a very sharp cane.

Best fight scene on TV!! Thank you Matt and John

RRIIIPP!! Ooops, is there a seamtress in the house??

He's not an archer, he's an actor....

So if he lets go of that arrow. DUCK!!

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