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..................................The Matthew Porretta Years
Welcome to my website. 
This site is dedicated to a special Television Series.
Most importantly, it's dedicated to two years, that starred that marvelous actor,
Matthew Porretta. 

What I'm speaking about is a series that debuted on TNT in 1997
 The Name of that series.
The New Adventures of Robin Hood

Cast of Season One
Cast of Season Two

How the show began???
The show was created by three very talented people. 
Fred Weintraub , Tom Kuhn, and Sandra Weintraub (daughter of Fred)
All have been involved deeply in film making, writing, producing on The big as well as small screen.
They came to Warner Bros. International with an Idea. To start filming a modern telling of the age old tale of Robin Hood. 

Filming started in 1996 in Vilnius, Lithuania. A small country, with great ancient  forests. They gave the perfect backdrop for Sherwood Forest, and the retelling of the Tale of Robin Hood. The show became TNT's FIRST, original Prime Time series. Matthew starred in the series for two seasons, at the end of the second season, he decided to go on to other things. The years he was on the  show  is now at cult status. Many of the fans would beg, borrow and steal for a taped of his episodes. 

I pray that the powers that be at Warner Bros., the Weintraubs, and Kuhn realize the hidden jewel they hold. Matthew made this Robin Hood his own. He was smart, funny, kind, exciting, adventuresome, caring. He carried a persona with him that had the fans biting at the bit, to see his next episode. 
We have a saying in Matthew's fan club, that sums up just how good he was.... 

When he said He was Robin Hood...We believed!!



The Stars of the show:
Matthew Porretta/ Robin Hood 1st and 2nd Season
Broadway: Les Miserables and Passion, Starred in nine different shows in local Theatre groups 
Television: South Beach, Beverly Hills 90210, Wings, Code Name: Eternity several commercials
Movies: Robin Hood Men in Tights, Dracula: Dead and Loving it, Kate's Addiction, Turkey Cake

An accomplished singer. (His parents both sang in the New York Opera house) He's also a dancer, acrobat, with old fashioned, Matinee Idol looks. He brought a freshness, humor and carried a charisma with him that has not been seen on the small screen for many years. 


Anna Maria Gavin / Marion 1st Season
Theatre: The Tempest, A Doll's house, The Beggars Opera, No Way out
Television: BBC = Photo Call, Genie Down Under, Crocodile Shoes, Scavengers Game 
On ABC= Working Guy UPN= The Sentinel
Movies: Driven

As you can tell by her accent, Anna comes from Melbourne, Australia. She gave her Marion a fierceness, and yet a gentleness. An accomplished rider, she gave her Marion an edge. 


Barbara Griffin / Marion 2nd Season
Theatre: Oleanna, Othello, Striker, Dearg Doom, The Ginger Bread Mix-up, The Playboy of the Western World
Television: Ballykissangel II, Glenroe, Nighthawks, The Work
Movies: Helena
Radio: The Spot of Distress

Barbara hails from Ireland. Also a dancer. She studied Ballet for Eleven years. Her Marion was full of grace and beauty. She started out trying to take up Anna's role. After a few episodes, she brought her own style to the character. Her Marion is the favorite of the fans

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Richard Ashton / Little John
Theatre: Romeo and Juliet, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, Erik the Viking, Peter Pan, Now and Then, Bretevski Street, Paradise of Fools, A Funny thing Happened on the way to the Forum
Television: Don't Tell father, Monster Cafe, Keeping up Appearance, Blue Peter, Grange Hill, Space Precinct
Movies: The Fifth Element

Born in Manchester England, Richard's Little John was very special. He showed a deep friendship for Robin and his companions, that you know carried on off the screen as well. His was a loving and caring Little John. A true gentle Giant, he will always be my favorite Little John. 


Martyn Ellis / Friar Tuck
Theatre: Guys and Dolls, Lennon, Les Miserables, (currently)The Lion King
Television: Rockcliffe's Babies, Eastenders, Kavanagh QC The Lifeboat

Martyn seemed to be born to play Friar Tuck. His friendship with Richard showed greatly on the screen. He gave a gentleness, and sweetness to Friar Tuck. His most memorable moment to me, was Arabian Knight. A gifted actor, and singer, he will surely go on to greater things.


Hakim Alston / Kemal 2nd Season
Television: WMAC Masters, and Vanishing Sons
Movies: Mortal Combat: The live tour, Shootfighter, Blood Moon

A take from Prince of thieves. Hakim portrayed the nomad Kemal. He brought his skills in Martial Arts into the role. A fouth-Degree blackbelt in Tae Kwon Do, former Heavyweight World Kickboxing and Full-contact Karate champion.

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