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Dave Morizot
Dave Morizot worked as a stunt coordinator for the first season of the NAoRH show, Buffy the Vampire slayer, as well as many other action filled television shows and movies.
He has graciously agreed to answer any questions by the fans of the NAoRH and Matthew Porretta. As well as the many fans of his illustrious career. I will be updating this site with new questions.

Last updated 10/06/01

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 Dave's role in the stage Production, PIRATES!  New
Daves beginnings  New
The Glamous Life of a Stuntman
Horses, injuries, and Keith Hirabayashi 
Martial Arts, and life in Lithuania 
Christopher Lee, Fitness, family, and Arabian Knight 
Insight into a Stuntman's life
Friendships, Lambert, Challenges and bloopers New
Anna Gavin, John Medlen, and Wall walk.
Lithuania, Lambert, and Daves current gig along with photo from Show

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