The New Adventures of Robin Hood
First Season
Dave Morizot Photo Gallery
Updated 08/31/01
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Dave and Richard Ashton in
Marion to the Rescue

A group shot of the 'Guys'

Tom and his Iris

Profile of Thomas of Glockshire

"It's always good to make new friends"

 The  Legend of Olwyn. 
Dave wearing the "Danny Partridge wig" Or , later to be known as 'Wig Flambe'

Dave from Golden Arrow Stunt scene. OUCH, I hope he used a 72 SPF sunblock

Anna's stuntdouble,
Dave and
Anna Gavin

Matt and John Aka:
Robin and Francisco

It takes a real man,
to wear that wig!

Shawn (Adam Carpenter)
and Dave

John Medlin as
King Arthur!

Last stunt for the season

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