Dave Morizot answers
his fans most burning questions
This set is from Anonymous. 
Could we have more behind the scenes photos as the one Dave sent?

 Hi, Anne Onymous!  I'll send more photos, but I'm trying to decide which one's to send when.  Usually, if a particular question has a photo that is pertinent in some way, that's when I send it.  Besides, if I send too many at one time, you will all get bored with me too quickly!

Did Matthew's family members come to visit him often? 

His brother came out to play "Sir Guy of Gisbon" in "Miracle of Avalon" but no one else came out that first season.  Except, of course, Jules, his girlfriend at the time. 

Did Matthew always exercise & maintain fitness?

Matt was very health conscious, and he would do various things to stay in shape.  We had access to a weight training gym at the hotel and at the Kino Studjie (Film Studio), and we also had semi-regular martial arts workouts, when several of the Lithuanian, Russian, British, and American crew would get together and swap training info.  It was a lot of fun!

The next two are from Joan, the president of Matthew's Fanclub: 
Hello Dave, I would first like to know, what was it like working with Christopher Lee?

The shooting schedule was worked as such so that Chris only had to be in Lithuania working for a week.  That way, he didn't have to be there for the entire shoot.  He was a great guy, though, and he had a certain "air" about him that preceded him where ever he went.  He also had many great stories from his long career, and we would all sit and listen as long as he wished to talk!  I felt he was a perfect way to bring a certain "class" to the show, and I really enjoyed his performances! 

Do you have any idea what regime Matthew followed to "muscle up" by the second season? 

This I really do not know, but I can guess that he worked his butt off during the hiatus between the first and second season.  I know he had plans to work on several things while he was back here in LA before going back for season 2.  Matt was very intense and serious about meeting goals he set for himself!

This next one is my question:  The battle in Arabian Knight is MY all time favorite fight scene I've ever seen on television. It just had it all. Sword play, acrobatics, jumps. I wonder how long this took? How many people were involved choreographing the entire fight? 

We shot that scene in about 6 or 7 hours.  It really helped that Matt and John worked so well together, and so they really expedited getting the fight from concept to film.  The choreography for just about every fight on Robin Hood that first season was created by John, and he was also responsible for the Francisco/Robin fight.  The equipment in the room was also John's idea, and I thought his use of it was very innovative and exciting!  I wish you all could have seen them on the shoot day ... they were really having such a good time doing that fight!  I think that's probably what made it so good, because they brought an intensity to the moves that is just hard to beat!

I noticed John was using the rings. Was he involved in gymnastics? Also, when you speak to Matthew, and John. Please let them know that that scene is one of the most talked about scene of the first season. It just blew us all away. I for one, applaud all the hard work that was blatantly obvious in the planning of this scene. Bravo!!!

John is very gymnastically inclined, but he's not a gymnast.  He is kind of like a "Jack of All Trades" and he is good at many things, especially when they are physically oriented.  And I agree with all of you, that fight is still one of my personal favorites, and I stand and applaud Matt and John with you!

P.S. Here's a picture of Me and John from "Legend of Olwyn"  He's playing the leader of the men who burn Adam Carpenter's house, and I'm dressed in my "Fearless Leader" outfit... I have to be fearless to wear that wig!  ;)

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