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08/25 This set is from Age: 
I would like to ask if he still keeps in touch with anyone on the show? What kind of friendships were, made, etc. 

I have kept in touch with some of the people from the show, and in all actuality, it has been beneficial.  When I came out to L.A., the assistant director and the costume designer (they're husband and wife) rented me the apt. over their garage,  so they are now my landlords!  I've also corresponded with a few of my Lithuanian and British friends.  Gavin Abbot, the "Dragon" and "Dragon Slayer" from "Dragon in the Sky" is a good friend, and he's come over for a visit.  He wants me to go visit him in London, but I've just not had the time!

Also, what it was like to work with Christopher Lambert? 

Chris was great to work with!  He was always in a good mood, and he would shake everyone's hand and say "Good morning" to each of us every day he was on the set.  He was very approachable and a really charming guy.  He also has a great sense of humor, and likes telling stories of things he's seen and done.  Truly, a class act!

This next set is from Laura from Philadelphia: 
What was the most challenging or difficult part of shooting NAoRH?

Well, as I have mentioned in an earlier response, it was mainly the slow pace of work environment in Lithuania.  Sometimes you just felt like you were banging your head against the wall!  Additionally, Robin Hood didn't have an extremely large budget, so we had to learn to "make do" with whatever we could find to create the show elements.  The language barrier also was a problem on occasion... for instance, in "A Price On His Soul," John and I dressed up as "Henchbeasts" for a fight scene in Barragon's banquet hall, when we were trying to capture Friar Tuck.  During the rehearsal, John asked one of the Lithuanian prop handlers if a certain ceramic jug was a breakaway (something specifically designed to safely break into pieces without much resistance).  The exact wording was, "Is this a breakaway?" and the prop handler said "Yes, you can break that."  Well, needless to say, without realizing it at that time, I discovered shortly that there was a vast difference between what John asked and what he heard!  In the scene, Martyn hit's me over the head with the jug, and I'm almost out on my feet!  It felt like I was hit over the head with a brick!  Afterwards, we all had a really good laugh, but I'M the one who had the lump on the top of my head!

I'm dying to know if there was ever a blooper reel from either of the two seasons of NAoRH.  That would have to be absolutely hilarious to watch.  I would pay any amount of money to see that:

There's not a blooper reel that I'm aware of, but John did shoot alot of video himself, and alot of that is pretty funny!  (I guess you could say alot of it is bloopers... I know I had a few "crashes" on the set on there!)  I'll see if I can get a copy and maybe edit out a few things to send you.  It may take a little while, though!

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