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My questions for him:08/13/01

Dear Mr. Morizot

I have to say, most of the fans (and myself included!!) said, once Matthew left the series, that you would have made a great replacement for him.

 We all thought you did a fantastic job as Sir Thomas of Glockshire. 

 Some of us would like to now what was it like to work in Lithuania? Was the regime a hard one for all? 

Where did they get that god awful wig that poor Matthew had to wear in Legend of Olwyn?

I did actually play several roles throughout the first season of the show, as I was the assistant stunt coordinator for that season.  I've been an actor since I was 9, and I have a degree in Speech and Theatre, but I also work in the stunt field in between acting gigs, since it pays more than waiting on tables.

I must say that I am humbled to be considered by you and your friends to have been a possible replacement for Matthew as Robin, but I don't think anyone could replace Matt... he's just too good!  In my opinion, he WAS Robin Hood, and all the other guys who have played him in all the other movies were just kidding themselves!  (With no offense to Errol Flynn fans!)  :)

Lithuania is a former satellite of the Soviet Union, and it was, at first, a very depressing place to be.  The people rarely smile, the buildings were mostly plain concrete, utilitarian things, and the food was VERY different.  However, throughout the 6 months that we were there that first season, it became more and more pleasant.  I could tell you many stories of Lithuania and it's capital city of Vilnius, but I'll leave that for other emails.  I will say that my time in Lithuania on Robin Hood, and my time in Romania on a Christopher Lambert film really helped me to appreciate the things and lifestyle we have here in the United States.

The regimen of shooting any television show is hard, just because of the sheer volume of work that has to be done to produce an hour of entertainment, week after week.  Feature films, while not done slowly, do have a little less pressure to "push it out" before a deadline.  Add to that fact the additional problem of working in a country that used to be communist, which meant no one did anything with any sense of urgency, and it made it a little stressful for those of us who were used to American productions.  Overall, though, it was a fun and friendly time.

As for the wig that Matt had to wear, and especially the "Danny Partridge" one I had to wear as the Leader... well, it wasn't easy to get "state of the art" things in Vilnius... or even "close to the art" things, for that matter!  Most of the money for the production was spent on special effects, actors, and directors and stuff like that, so they tried to limit the budget for props and wardrobe and things of that nature to what could be obtained locally in Lithuania.  This meant we really "bit the bullet" with those wigs!  (Incidentally, the production coordinator burned the wig I wore as Leader after she saw the dailies of the shoot... she said she never wanted it to show back up on camera!)

Dave Morizot

P.S.  I've attatched a picture of (in order from left to right) me, Matthew, Richard Ashton, Martin Ellis, and John Medlen (the Stunt Coordinator, and Matthew's stunt double) just goofing off in one of the production offices.  Hope you like it!

What was the name of the movie you worked with Christopher Lambert, and what are you currently doing? 

The movie I worked on with Christopher Lambert in Romania was called "BeoWulf," a "time out of time" type movie that was loosely based on the Beowulf legend.  It also starred Patricia Velasquez (Mummy and Mummy Returns) and Rhona Mitra (Hollow Man), as well as a few other names and faces.  Not that great of a flick, but it was fun to shoot.

Currently I'm working on a new TV show that will air on ABC on Sunday nights at 9 E/P 8 Central, called ALIAS.  It's about a woman who is a college student, but also a spy.  I'm choreographing all the fights and fight elements for the production as well as training the actors in fights and martial arts.


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