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Try to jump the red balls, until only one remains.
Click here to play Pannerotto
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A very Addictive Game.
Using your mouse, click the left or right button, to rotate the solid blocks. You need to get them into the outlined boxes of the same color. Once you reach a level, you'll get a password, if you return, use the password to resume the game. 
Please give time for the games to load....A small window will open. Once you finish the game, just close the window, and the site will still be here.
Click Cliffie to play the game
Click Cliffie to play game
Sorry guys, I just couldn't figure out how to get the high score to load. I feel better that no one else has been able to either. I'll trust you, and will post your winning scores, if you email them to me.
Play Cliffie!
Never thought the life of a postman was as dangerous as a stuntmans? Well you thought wrong!! This is a slick game you can play. Patterned after Cliffie, from Cheers.
Once the game is loaded, use your arrows to move him up, down and sideways. As you go to the blinking red arrow, showing you the mail to pick-up. Hit your enter key, then look for the next arrow .If your beer glass get's low, then go to cheers, press enter and you'll be joined my 
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