Photo Gallery and Classified information
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Dave Victor and Jennifer
After the super glue incident..
Agent Dave and Jennifer
Dave teaching Mr. Tarrantino
A stunt pose.
Michael V. and Dave, just before the CIA lobster and Bar-B-Q Rib fest.

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Shown on ABC Sunday Nights, 9pm Eastern time

Sisyphus Productions 
Touchstone Television Distributors
American Broadcasting Company (ABC) 

Directed and
Written by
Jeffrey Abrams 
(writer credit as J.J. Abrams)

Sydney Bristow is an international spy recruited out of college and trained for espionage and self-defense by her mysterious secret-service father. 
Once her Fiance is deemed, 
" That he knows to much." 
He is found a threat, and is illiminated by SD-6. Sydney then follows in her fathers footsteps. She becomes a double agent. Working with the CIA to bring down the agency that murdered her Fiance.

Agents, Civilians and their.... Alias's
Sydney Bristow  Jennifer Garner
Michael Vaughn  Michael Vartan
Arvin Sloane Ron Rifkin
Will Tippin  Bradley Cooper
Francine Calfo  Merrin Dungey
Dixon Marcus  Carl Lumbly
Marshall Flinkman  Kevin Weisman
Jack Bristow Victor Garber
Danny Hecht  Edward Atterton
CIA Agent  Greg Grunberg
Jenny  Sarah Shahi

Jeff Habberstad Stunt Co-ordinator 
John Medlen Stunt Co-ordinator 
Dave Morizot Fight Co-ordinator
Joe Bucaro III Stunts
Jason Ybarra Stunts

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