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To the left you will find links to CD now, and the San Francisco Opera
I've borrowed their sites, so you may listen to some of Matthew's favorite singers 
and his favorite type of music.

Just click the sound buttons to open up mini windows.
You'll find links on the site to listen to streaming recordings of each singer, or band. 
Once you've finished with the site, simply close the window, and you'll find my site still here.
You can purchase the CD's, or albums. I have to admit, I've already purchased a 
Nat King Cole album. Listen to his Nature boy, found on Nat King Cole pt2. 
Benny Goodman
Benny Goodman
Billy Holiday
Billy Holiday
Dinah Washington
Dinah Washington
Count Basie
Count Basie
Glenn Miller
Glen Miller
Nat King Cole 1
Nat King Cole pt 1
Nat King Cole 2
Nat King Cole pt2
Early Sinatra
Frank Sinatra....early years
Later Sinatra
Frank Sinatra...later years
Tony Bennet
Tony Bennet
San Francisco Opera
San Francisco Opera House 11 famous operas. 
Once on the site, just click the photos, to go to the opera sites. There you'll find sound bites and a summary of the opera

 To Hear the Midis at their best, you can download
this audio program for free. (Can't beat that price!) 
Be sure to choose the Cresendo version.

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To listen to the Music, just click on the notes
Big Band
sing sing
Sing, Sing, Sing by Benny Goodman
dont mean a thing
It Don't mean a thing by Duke Ellington
in the mood
In The Mood by Glen Miller
(My Personal Favorite, if you listen to one it has to be this one!)
dorsey boogie
Tommy Dorsey Boogie Woogie By Tommy Dorsey
embrace you
Embraceble You
String of Pearls
A String of Pearls  By The Glen Miller Band
Moonlight Serinade
Moonlight Seranade  By The Glen Miller Band
At the Savoy
At the Savoy
Tuxedo Junction
Tuxedo Junction By The Glen Miller Band
Peanuts  By Charles Brown
Chattanooga Choo Choo
Chattanooga Choo-Choo  By The Glen Miller Band
Opus 1
Opus One  By The Dorsey Band
someone watch
Some One to Watch over me by Gershwin
Arabian Dance
The Arabian Dance Tchaikovsky "The Nut Cracker Suite"
Symphony No. 5
Symphony No. 5 in C minor op. 67  Allegro Con Brio Ludwig von Beethoven
Fr Elise
Für Elise  Ludwig von Beethoven
Symphony No. 40
Symphony No. 40 in G minor   Adante Amadeus Mozart
Elvira Madigan
Piano Concerto No. 21 in C major   Elvira Madigan Adante 
Amadeus Mozart
Toccatta and Fuge in D' Minor
Toccatta and Fugue in D minor Johann Sebastian Bach
(Popularly known as "The Phantom of the Opera")
Moonlight Sonnata
Moonlight Sonnata Ludwig von Beethoven
Bruidisi (Toast)
Bruidisi (Toast) Libramo Act I  La Traviata
UnBel Di
Aria Un Bel Di Vedremo Madam Butterfly 
Habanera  Carmen
Donna  Mobile
Aria La Donna è Mobile Rigoletto
Largo al Factotum - Figaro's Cavatina Barbiere di Siviglia

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