Matthew's World Wide Appeal
Updated 02/17/02
Hello Matthew Porretta Fans
After receiving e-mail from all over the world. I thought it would be neat, to show all the places where there are Matthew fans. If anyone wants to add to the maps? Then email me at:
I'll be glad to add you to the maps, just tell me where you are from. 
West Side of the World
Color Key
Lt Green: Randoph, Massachusetts
Lt Blue: Niagara Falls, Ontario
Royal Blu: Gilbert, Minnesota
Gold: Springfield, Oregon
Beige: California
Yellow: Phoenix Arizona
Deep Purple: Colorado 
Lavender: Chicago, Illinois
Orange: Michigan
Med. Brown: Louisvillle, Kentucky
Rose: Minooke, Charleston IL New!
White: Missouri 
Maroon: Philadelphia
Pink: New York
Olive: Virginia 
Dark Blue: Myrtle Beach S. Carolina New!
Light Gray: Alabama
Purple: Orlando, Florida
Medium Blue: Hawaii 
Red: Mexico
Tan: Peru
Med Gray: Brazil
DarkGreen: Chile 

East Side of The World
Color Key
Red: Sweden
Light Yellow: Finland
Light Blue: Denmark
Yellow: Germany
Dark Blue: The Netherlands
Dark Purple: Scotland
Lime Green: France
Light Green: Austria
Med Gray: Switzerland
Med Blue: Italy
Orange: Hungary
Gold: Greece
Light Gray: Russia  New!
Light Purple:Croatia 
Lavender: Cape Town, South Africa
Dark Gray: Israel
Purple: Saudi Arabia  
 Medium Blue: United Arab Emirates
Brown: Sri Lanka
Dark Green: Malaysia
Peach: Singapore
Olive: New Zealand
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