Just The Facts Matt
Name: Matthew Porretta 
Born: May 29, 1965 
Where: Darien, Connecticut 
Eyes: Two, Deep Brown 
Height: Tall enough for his feet to hit the ground...6'1" 
Hair: Dark Sable Brown 
Current Length of hair:   Short (Darn it!)
Matthew special characteristics: Dimples that are known to rival the grand canyon. Eyebrows that were trained at the Spock eyebrow Lift academy. I hear they graduated at the top of their class.
Martial Status: To quote that great TV show: Married: with children

Updated 07-28-09

Special Facts
Matthew trained as a child in Gymnastics, hence he was able to do most of his stunts. Including the breathtaking Wall Walk!!
 Review of Matthew as Count Ludovic in the Stephen Sondheim play. "Passion"
By David Richards/ New York Times
May 10th, 1994
In a brief flashback, Matthew Porretta stands out as the charming cad who married Fosca for her fortune, then deserted her when it ran out. All the necessary forces, in fact, have been set in motion to produce the cataclysms promised by the title. A cathartic conclusion is missing, though, and you can't help yearning for it.

Parents: Frank Porretta and Roberta Palmer 
Bro's and Sis' he fought with: Frank III, Greg, Anna, and Roberta      (Matthew is the youngest son)
Matthew's family is as multitalented as he is. 

Mother and father are accomplished Opera singers. As it seems all are in the family.

Father Frank portrayed Andrew MacGregor on The New Adventures of Robin Hood Series. He has stared in the Movie Song of Norway. Recently broadcast on HBO. He also starred as Johann Strauss Junior in The Great Waltz

Sister Anna has been spotted in Talk Soup. A cable show on the 
E channel. She's listed as a writer in the series. CONGRATULATIONS ANNA!! I pray that we'll be seeing more of you.

Brother Greg portrayed Sir Guy on the Robin Hood Series

Brother Frank is currently touring in Turondot, Here is his Bio listed in a New York website. 
(Man are those Porretta boys are Cute!!)

P.S. Mama Porretta, you did a great job!

 Favorite Music: 
Classical, Big band, Opera, Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Tony Bennett, Billie Holiday, and Dinah Washington

Athletic Endeavors
Baseball, Basketball, Billiards, Boxing, Equestrian, Fencing, Football, Golf, Ice Hockey, Ice Skating, Roller Skating, Rollerblading, Skateboarding, Snow Skiing, Snowboarding, Surfing, Swimming, Tennis, Track & Field, Water Skiing, Weight Lifting, Wrestling, Cycling, Gymnastics, Soccer, Volleyball, Softball, Bowling, Yoga
Performance Skills: Dancer, Firearms, Singer, Martial, Juggler, Improvisation, Motorcyclist, Guitar, Stunts, Bass
Accents: African, Asian, Australian, British, French, German, Irish, Italian, Midwest, New England, New York, Russian, Scottish, Southern, Spanish, West Indian, Cockney, Mid-East, Scandinavian, All-regional American, East Indian
Fluent Languages: Spanish

Want a fun take of the facts?? 
This way to Porretticus Eludingus

Broadway/ Stage
Candlewood Theatre Conneticut
The King and I  '87 Lun Tha
Fiddler on the Roof  Fyedka
Anything Goes The Steward
Funny Girl  Ziegfield Tennor

Theatre Works USA 
The Emperors New Clothes'87,'88  The Emperor

Maine State Music Theatre
Summer of '88
Sugar Babies Bicycle Pianist
The Mystery of Edwin Drood Neville Landless
42nd Street  Lead Dancer 
Li'l Abner Evil Eye Fleagle
Operetta Bittersweet  Hungarian Military Capt.
(I thank Carolyn for the above infomation)

US 2nd national tour
Les Misérables '89, 90, 91
 Les Miserable's webpage
Marius Pontmercy
Passion '94 Count Ludovic / Giorgio
Augusta Opera Company, GA

West Side Story '94 Tony




South Beach '92  Richard Wild Thing
Class of 96' '93 Claude Breaking up is hard to overdue
Beverly Hills 90210 '93  Dan Rubin Episode Guide
Wings'96  David Barnes Love at First Flight
Arrowhead Commercial  Spokesperson
The New Adventures of Robin Hood '96,  97  Robin Hood / Jacobi / Young
Robin Hood
Episode Guide

Code Name: Eternity '99  Leethan Death Trap
Opera- Clairol TV Ad '99/'04  Matthew 30's to 80's Aged man
Makeup site w/photo
Ka-Blamm Nickelodeon 2000 Rock Star
Montgomery Wards 
Valentine Comm. '00
Killians Red Beer Comm. '00 Was it the Beer?  Watch the Glass
McDonalds Kobe BryantComm. '01 Kobe's agent Super Agent
WB PopStars '01 Announcer Official Website
WB PopStars 2  '01 Announcer Official Website
Without A Trace '04 Oscar Doppleganger
GE/Christopher Columbus
Comm. 04

Italian sailor on left Columbus Vision
Ge site with commercial

CSI: New  York  '05
Ron Bogda
TastyKake Commercial '07
Site with Matt's commercial
Sharp Frontier Copiers Commercial '08

Macy's Holiday "Believe"  Commercial '09
Virginia's father
Youtube link with commercial
Imagination Movers '09



The Unveiling  '91 (Independent film unavailable)
Robin Hood:
Men In Tights '93 
Will Scarlet O'Hara
Dracula:Dead & Loving It '95 Handsome Lieutenant at the Ball
Jesus Tells a Joke  '98 John the Baptist
Kate's Addiction '99 Dylan Parker
Turkey Cake '99 Jimmy
Desperate But Not Serious '99 Gene
A Man Called Rage 2002 Caleb
Table Manners 2009

Special Note:
Any information found on this page was obtained through the Internet, or Emails, sent to the fan club. In no way or form was this information obtained by imposing on Matthew's family, or life. He has expressed an opinion to keep his life private.
The web master of this site will honor his requests.

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