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Oh my GOD!! Matthew is the voice of a hot new game, Alan Wake!!!!
Made by Remedy. It's due out early next year.
From the looks of the demo, the games really looks hot. Matthew plays Alan Wake. A popular author living his
worst nightmare, writers block. His wife talks him into taking a vacation at a small town in hopes of breaking the
wall of silence within his mind. Of course a video game would be boring if something didn't happen.  From what I've
seen BOY is it happening! The town is being invaded by some very hostile creatures. Alan soon find that the best
weapon to use against them is light. It's up to the player to figure out how to find different light sources while fighting off
some really nasty looking creatures.
LOL, it's going to be weird hearing Matthew screaming as he dies, 'cus the way I play. He's going to be bitting
the dust big time. The game will come out for Microsoft Xbox360. It was suppose to also be out for the PC but
they stopped that due to costs. But I think once the game starts selling bit, us PC users should be able to play it too.
Here is a link to the official website for Alan Wake.

Keep an eye out for the next Macy's commercial, for you should be seeing Matthew in it.
He also did an episode of "Imagination Moviers' seen on the Disney channel. Once he is spotted
I'll be sure to let everyone know.

Matthew can now be seen in the movie short,
Table Manners

I've updated my entire photo gallery with snappies of Matthew
in 'Table Manners" Short Just go to my

Matthew's new movie,
  Dream Warrior is available on DVD.
Go to the site to see a link leading to a website
that is selling the video.

 Link to site found on homepage


The New Adventures of Robin  Hood 
 is now airing in Sweden

Matthew has been visiting the web sites!!
Just wanted to let everyone know, that Matthew has been visiting the sites. Here is the last message he left on Sandy's Forum site:

Hello to all the people who have visited this site. I really appreciate the attention (it's a bit humbling). I know some people believe I have been purposely ignoring them and I am so sorry that impression is out there. Unfortunately my computer is on the fritz and I have not been on-line for some time now (In fact, I am writing this from a friend's computer... it's an iMac).

Again, I apologize for the impression of aloofness... in fact nothing could be further from the truth. I honestly do appreciate all the kind words, interest, and enthusiasm. You are a wonderful part of this business.

I'll be in touch.


Please feel free to Email me My puter is always on.

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