The MCP Update
Volume 4 Issue 1  September 2001
Published By
Matthew Porretta
Fan Club
Joan Woodcock
Vice Presidents:
Mary, Liz, Diana 
Mary, Lisa and
Virginia Cavazos
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Latest News!!
Joan Woodcock,
President of Matthew Porretta's Unofficial Fanclub

----->  Calling all Loyal Fans of Matthew Porretta  <------
Tired of waiting to see Matthew back on television?   Want to see Matthew in another role that uses his full acting and athletic abilities like Robin Hood did?
Is there something we his loyal fans can do about it?

Starting immediately, the fanclub asks Matthew's loyal fans to please send a letter (letters?? LOL) to Peter Roth, demanding to see Matthew back on television in a new show.
Stress what a loyal fan following he has, including a fan club (whose initiative 
this is).  Mention all the fan sites devoted to him on the internet. 

List his many qualities that make us love him so much - great actor, great singer, great hair, great in fight scenes, great hair, good looking, plays both a hero and a villain equally well, great hair, what kind of role you'd love to see him in (Robin Hood again, Zorro, sea captain, lawyer (huh???), etc. (Did 
I mention great long hair??? LOL)
Write to:
Peter Roth
Warner Brothers
4000 Warner Blvd.
Burbank, California 91522
Clog Warner Brothers' mail room with positive, friendly fan letters.  Make Peter Roth have to hire more help to read them all.  Let's show Warner Brothers what a real fan club can do!  As Little John would say 
"Let's kick some butt."

Please send me or Virginia an e-mail Or,  Click here To post that your letter (or letters) is on the way so we can keep track of the volume.  Get all your friends to write, too. 

This is Matthew's unofficial fanclub's way of letting Warners know that our patience has run out and 

Do we love Matthew Porretta? 

MacDonalds Commercial
Matthew made a MacDonalds
Commercial that was released
in March of 2001. He sported short hair, and no goatee. He walked the walk, and talked the talk. He was.....
"Super Agent"
Fanclub Request
Please do not try to contact the Porretta Family. We are told that Matthew is a very private person. Please, respect this.
     We still remain unofficial, but will forever be Matthew's devoted fans.

Any questions, Email
Joan Woodcock
President of the Unofficial Matthew Porretta Fan Club
Or myself, Virginia The Lady In Waiting
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