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Pop Stars
Sound Clip From single episode

The Last Fifteen


The New Adventures Of Robin Hood


Role: Robin Hood

Sound Clip from Series

  A Guy, a Rob and a Horse

The Robin Head Slap!!

 The New Adventures of Robin Hood Theme

 Special Sound Bite Page
This is my special
Tribute to a fantastic
Character that Matthew

Arrowhead Water Commercial 

Role: Spokesman 

Sound clip from 
Arrow Head Water comercial
Robin Hood Men in Tights

Role: Will Scarlet O'Hara

Sound clips from the movie:


 Men in Tights Song

 Fix your boobs!


Role: Count Ludovic

Matthew Porretta's Solo 
Soundclip from his broadway Appearance From the CD "Passion"
Available at Columbia house. Ask for the orginal Broadway cast, 1994
Les Misérables

Role: Marius

Marius' Solo 
Empty Chairs at Empty Tables
(A midi file)
I have no soud bite of Matthew singing this song. And really didn't want to have  someone else's voice singing it.
 I did want you all to hear what his solo would sound like. Soo,  I have included a Midi file of the song. Close your eyes, and imagine his beautiful voice
Les Miserable's webpage

Being a good little outlaw, (and born and raised in gansterland CHICAGO!) some of the sound files are stolen. 
I thank Sandy whos site  Matthew Porretta Mania has many other
great sound bites!
And as for the others, Youse don't say anythin' And I'll let you 
keeps your knee caps!!!

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