The Unofficial Matthew Porretta
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This is The Unofficial, Matthew Porretta - Cyber Fan Club. 
(Try to say that fast, three times!!) We are as of this moment, 
still unsanctioned. The club is set up to be Free for anyone 
who wants to join. No dues to be paid. 
Free information will be given out, when we find out
what Matthew is doing next.
I have posted our Certificate from the NAFC 
at the bottom, Check it out!! 
  There are two methods for joining the cyber, fan club:
To become a member of the fan club you can join the Outlaw Loop. This is an Email  loop that has been in existence since March of 1997. 

The loop at present holds 156members. 
Just to let you know, this is an active loop, the Email can go from 30 to 100 emails a day. 

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The topic of the Loop may sometimes stray away from Matthew. But that's what makes his loop so special. We are a very friendly bunch, most have become very dear friends, thanks to Matthew. I want to thank him personally, he does not realize, just how close the loop members have become, because of him.

You can choose to read your email online, instead of being sent to your Email address. The choice is yours!

If you only want to hear what is happening with him lately, and do not want to be inundated with email all day, then we also have an option called.....

The LIST!This option will allow you to only receive any recent information about Matthew without cluttering up your mail box. There are currently 54 members in the List.
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To let you know how multitalented Matthew is, Here is a soundbite from the musical: 
In it he portrayed the Handsome Gigolo
"Count Ludovic"

Matthew in the Role of Count Ludovic
in  Click here to go to the web site of "Passion"
This role surely portrayed Matthew's acting talents along with his singing. For this charming man could not possibly be the scoundrel Count Ludovic. But for now, enjoy this small bite.

From the Passion CD which you can buy at your local record store, or order though Columbia house. Please look for the original Broadway cast 1994. His solo is found on the fourteenth track.
And Now 
Count Ludovic
(Click underlined name)

PS My favorite part of his solo? When he sings "Your Parents!" Enjoy!

Special Notice

This fan club exists to allow Matthew to have a private life. The fan club is here for as it states THE FANS. We will post any public information made available about Matthew, without anyone trying  to invade his privacy. Which is something that Matthew has requested.
 The Members of the fan club are going to respect Matthew's wishes to his privacy. I hope his fans out there will respect this also. 

The fan club is sorry that we cannot give out any autographed photos, T-shirts, or merchandise. We cannot use his signature or pictures of him without his consent.

But we will try to keep you updated as much as possible. And who knows, perhaps later he will have a change of heart.  We will continue as always to support this man in all his endeavors. For we all fell in love with his charm, his wit, his tremendous talent. He is  someone that for me is worth the time and effort. For it was because of him that I found I had a talent for writing. Something that I now live for. Thank you Mr. Porretta. For just being you, and helping me to be me.

I pray that you will have a series, that goes into reruns for many years to come. 

Last note: please, I beg of you to allow the man  his privacy. I know you all loved him as Robin Hood, Will Scarlet O'Hara, Dan Ruben, David Barnes, Marius Pontmercy, The Handsome Lieutenant, and Count Ludovic, and now Leethan.  I Promise to post any recent information, about Matthew. 
Allow him do his job of acting, and we can perform our job, of being his fans. 
Until next time, keep the faith. Peace. Keep on trucking. Play it cool, Catch you next time!!

Hey guys!!We're almost official!

Cllck me, to go to site
Member of 
The National Association of Fan Clubs

Special Note -Please watch out for this site: Our previous president Ginnie Callahan, had a web page for the fan club, asking for twenty dollars, to join the club, here is the link to this page. If you have been there, please do not sent any money!!! This is a dead site, Ginnie Callahan is now only a member of the fan club. Due to a lost password, we are unable to take it down. I must say again, this is a dead site!! DO NOT send any money to the address given on the site. 

Confused? Then email me.

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