Todd Eldredge Back On The Ice in Pursuit of Olympic Glory!
Taped on WMAQ TV in Chicago On Saturday Feb. 17th
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Tim Ryan:
Todd Eldredge is one of the best figure skater in US Mens history, but his Olympic record does not truly reflect his overall achievements. In 2001 Todd is back in training hoping to make his 3rd US Olympic team.

 Todd being interviewed.

Skating his Short Program 
at the 1998 Nagano Olympics.

You know, I was thinking going into 98 that, that was going to be kind of the last Olympics that I was going to be in. You know I think that I put maybe a little bit too much pressure on myself that way, Um, you know saying this is the only shot your going to have at it. There was a lot of emphasis, ah, you know that I had put on doing the quadruple jumps because thats what the guys on top were doing then. I think putting a little too much emphasis on that and not enough on the rest of my program, um, kind of when I decided not to do the quad, the rest of the program suffered for it.

Practicing at his rink, doing jumps.
Tim Ryan:
So today, Todd Eldredge just months shy of his 30th birthday has returned to a familiar routine, one that includes 4 hour sessions daily on the ice. Its a schedule Todd has followed for the better part of the past 20 years, and he hopes it will take him to the 2002 games.

Doing some foot work

Sitting back in the chair

After Nagano I needed a little bit of a break, I took the last couple of years and did mostly just Pro-Am events and just took it kind of a bit easier on my body and a little bit easier in general.

Tim Ryan:
Todds coach Richard Callaghan has been Todds coach since he was 9 years old, but he didnt originally agree with Todds plan for Salt Lake.

Richard being interviewed
Richard Callaghan:
I was not behind it from the start, No. I dont think he needs anything else but he does, so as long as hes in good physical condition and hes hungry for it, Ill support him. I was surprised when he told me he wanted to try for the Salt Lake games, but Ive really gotten behind him and Im really supporting him now because I see in his training hes hungry to have a good Olympics.

Tim Ryan:
In the 2 years that Todd has competed in the less restricted professional world, he has worked to make the quad part of his repertoire.

Its been good for me to do that, and its also been kind of an awakening, I guess saying alright, you know Im in there, Ive got the technical skills, Ive got the artistic skills, and its just a matter of when it comes down to it all putting it together. In 98 there were probably 4 or 5 guys that on any given day could take the Olympic title. Now a days its more like 8 or 9 guys.

Tim Ryan:
And Todd hopes to be one of those, trying to capture that elusive medal.

I look at some of the older ones, you know, Brian Boitano, he went out there and skated probably the best program that hes ever done and to do that at the Olympics is something that you know every skater would dream of.

Picture of Brian Boitano, during his Olympic performance.

Back to chair, for the last shot.

I would like to try and carry the flag from Brian to the next guy, who ever that might be, ah, and I would like it to kind of pass through my hands. He laughs

(That ends the interview.)

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