Michelle Kwan Interview
In Chicago, Illinois. On
Fox News in the Morning
Friday November 10th, 2000
By IskatGal@aol.com
News  Anchors:     David Navaro (DN) Tamron Hall (TH) 
Sports Anouncer:  Bruce Wolf (BW)
DN & TH: Our guest today is figureskater Michelle Kwan, she’s here to talk about  the CHEVROLET/MICHELLE KWAN REWARDS SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM.

DN & TH: Michelle joins us live today from LA. “Good Morning Michelle.”

Michelle: “Good Morning.”

TH: Comments that this is an absolutely wonderful scholarship program, and that she herself was involved in sports in school.

Michelle: “Well, Chevrolet and I have teamed up to create this rewards program for female  athletes.”

TH: “How do you qualify?”

Michelle: She goes on to say the criteria is the top 10 outstanding female student athletes are awarded scholarships for excellence in academics, sports, and just being an overall nice person.

DN: “Michelle, How is school going?”

 (Showing video of Michelle sitting at her desk in class, she is writing in a notebook, and smiling.) 

Michelle: “I’m meeting a lot of people my age.  Juggling skating and school is difficult, but I’m having a great time doing it.”

Michelle: Talks about skating from 8am to 11am go to school, and back to the rink, to workout, go to sleep and do it all again.

Michelle: “I just came back from a competition, a few competitions.  Now it’s like a catch up game, you have to talk to the professors, you have to make up labs or make up tests.”

BW: Sports announcer says hi to Michelle,  and asks her:  What music have you chosen for your program for the Winter Olympics, I know it’s still some time away. Would you consider, Who Let The Dogs Out?

Michelle: Laughs and says, “Who let the dogs out?”  “Actually there’s no vocals allowed so I have to rule that out.”

BW: Says, if you skated to Who let the dogs out. What would you start with? A double axel?

Michelle: “And maybe a triple, triple right after and a layback.”

Michelle: “Are you busy right before the Olympics? Maybe you can help me.”

 (Video showing Michelle skating in practice, doing forward crossovers, and then shows Michelle skating  her 98 short program.)

BW: Says, maybe we can do a pairs thing.  All levity aside I can skate backwards crossovers lefty but I can’t do righty.  “You can do backwards crossovers can’t ya?”  He asks her if she favors one side or the other.

Michelle: “I do favor one side more, yes.”

BW: “The East German judge noticed that.”  “I’m just kidding.”

Michelle: Laughs… “I’ve got to work on that, speaking of which.”

BW: “You work on that and we’ll go with the Quadruple, Quadruple.”

Michelle: “Sounds good.”

BW: “Thank You Michelle.”

DN: “Michelle, thank you for joining us.”

TH: “Your favored in 2002, so you may not want to listen to Bruce Wolf’’s advise. Good luck with it all, much success.”

Michelle: Laughs, and says:  “Thank you” 

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