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Todd Eldredge Links
TVCat's Celebration of Todd Eldredge
Todd Eldredge Glory on Ice
Photos, Chatroom, latest news on Todd
The Todd Eldredge Photo Album
Old photos of Todd. Not updated lately
Spiral Edge
An email list for Todd Eldredge Fans
Todd Eldredge News
News, Reviews and Photos of Todd Eldredge
Michelle Kwan Links
Michelle Kwan Guardian Angels
Keepership of Michelle's Attributes. I am a VERY happy member
The Michelle Kwan Fan Page
All you want to know about Michelle. News, Tv schedule, midis' of her latest programs, THE most fantastic chat board for Michelle.
Elvis Stojko
Elvis Stojko: Heart Of Gold
Naomi Lang & Peter Tchernyshev
Naomi Lang & Peter Tchernyshev Fan Page
The United States Ice Dancing champs
Timothy Goebel
Jenny's Tribute to Tim
2001 US Men's Champion
Sarah Hughes
The Unofficial Sarah Hughes Website
2001 US Ladies Silver Medal Champion and World Bronze Medalist
Angela Nikodinov
Angela Nikodinov The Fan Site
2001 US Ladies Bronze Medal Champion

Multiple Skaters / Websites

Diane's Rink
Websites dedicated to Michelle Kwan, Sarah Hughes, Paul Wylie.
Shallah's Passel of Polls
Really cool figure skating polls.
SkateWeb: The Figure Skating Page
A directory of basically every figure skating website.

Charity Groups sponsored by Ice Skaters

City Of Hope
For every triple jump Todd performs, The City of Hope receives a generous donation.
Skating Association for the Blind And Handicapped (SABAH)
Todd donates his time, teaching the blind and handicapped to skate.

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