A Very Special Mother's Day Greeting
This is to all the wonderful Mothers out there, 
We will never forget, the sacrifices you made for us, as we were growing up. 
Wiping our bloody noses, with your freshly ironed white blouse. 
Kissing our dirty bruises, and magically kissing the  hurt away. 
Being there, when we needed you, and knowing when to stay away.
Our cheerleader, chauffeur, teacher, doctor, nurse, friend, confidant, and the only one who understands our jokes. 
Thank you Mom, for allowing us to be a part of your life.
I would also like to extend a very Grateful HAPPY MOTHERS Day To a very special Lady. 

This day is yours, enjoy it well. 
For all the hardships you did dwell. 
We thank you for your gift of Joy
That blessed day you had a boy.
Have a GREAT Mothers Day
Mrs. Roberta Palmer Porretta

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