In Honor of Fathers Day.
This page is dedicated to Matthew's Father,
Frank Porretta

Frank had a starring role in the musical,
The Song of Norway.
His co-star was Florence Henderson.
A review of the Movie? Frank was the absolute highlight of the movie. After hearing his singing, I believe there just may be
the start of
The Unofficial Fanclub of 
Frank Porretta,
of which I'll gladly be the President!!!

Click here,
To hear a soundbite Taken from the movie of his wonderful Voice.


Here is a small poem dedicated to all fathers.

My Father
Whose that hiding in the wings? Watching you as you perform. So he can hide the tears that men are not suppose to shed. 
My Father
Whose that bragging about a fantastic play? To his friends and anyone that listens. Yet when he comes home it's just a 
"nice catch son". 
My Father
Whose that standing behind me, as I'm stumbling? Ready to slap a twenty in my hand, winking at me not to tell mother.
My Father
He's someone I can always depend on. An ear that  listens to me, and a voice of reason. He's smile I see, when I look in the Mirror. 
That's My Father

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