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Submit it for your approval. I present spooky Robin Hood/ Matthew Porretta/ Fanfic - holiday tales, that will surely bring the hackles up on your neck, Oh, you dont' have any hackles? By the time your done reading the tales told  here. 
You'll wonder how the heck to bring them down!
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The stories below are Fanfic written for the Television Series, The New Adventures of Robin Hood. You will also find original stories written, with Matthew Porretta's persona as the main character. They are duly marked for your reading pleasure.

At the end of each story, you will find a link back to the Halloween site

Curse The Curse of Locksley Castle By Virgina Cavazos
Ghosts.../ NAoRH
Unicorn The Unicorn By Shelly Quinn
Demons.../ NAoRH
Sisters Sisters of The Night By Shelly Quinn
Vampires.../ NAoRH
Blood Blood and Ashes By Virginia Cavazos
Vampires.../ Original story
Dreams Man of my Dreams By Debbie Szabo
Demons.../ NAoRH
Dawn Until Dawn Breaks By Laura Feltyberger
Vampires.../ Original Story
Coverdarkness Under Cover of Darkness By Laura Feltyberger
Vampires.../ Original Story
Shadowfalls When Shadows Fall By Laura Feltyberger
Vampires.../ Original Story
VOS The Vampires of Sherwood By Paddy
Vampires.../ NAoRH
sherwitch The Sherwood Witch By Melissa
Witches.../ NAoRH
deprivedlives Deprived Lives By Paddy

Disclaimer: This page is in no way affiliated with  Tarnview Limited in Ireland and Dune S.A. in France,   Metropole Television and P.E.C.F. in France, Baltic Ventures International Ltd.and Warner Bros International Television Productions.  It is an unofficial site that exists only for the non-commercial enjoyment of fans. All characters and situations from the television show "The New Adventures of Robin Hood." are the property of Sandra Weintraub, Fred Weintraub,Tom Kuhn and Warner Bros. No copyright infringement is intended by this use of any television characters in these amateur efforts. Any fan-created fiction or art linked to these pages is the intellectual property of the fan author or artist who created it and is not presented here for profit. 
Follow this link To check on Copyrights for posted stories, poetry and drawings.

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