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Welcome To The
Lady in Waiting's 2002
 Halloween site
Pull up a tombstone and stay a while
Halloween Music
Enter My Halloween Music site. 
Put on your tapping shoes. 
More songs added for 2002

You just may dance the night away...forever!!!
Haunted House

Do you dare to visit my Haunted house!!??
You'll find creepy things just waiting for the next chump...I mean Visitor.

This site contains DHtml. If you have a browser older than 4.0. The special effects
will not work. But most of the site will function. Please allow time for each site to load.
All are graphic intensive.

Trick or Treat

Ready For some Trick or Treating??

Then visit my special site. It's a hunt
for a special trick or treater. 
Just click the beckoning skeleton
to enter the site.

Haunted Stories

Visit my Scary Halloween tales.

I hope you're paid up with 
your health insurance!!!

Spookerific Funhouse

New for 2002
My spooky, interactive Funhouse.
It's a creeperific funhouse that you'll be able to interact with.
This site contains applets. If your browser can't use Java then the special effects
will not work.  Please allow time for each site to load. All are graphic intensive.
Because I can't afford to buy it, some of the applets will have a window pop-up
when you use them. Sorry for the inconvience, just remember to close them
when you are done. I apologize and now say ON WITH THE SHOW......

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Cyberhaunts Four Star Haunted Hotel

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