Waiting . . .
Have you ever watched a doggie in a window
Waiting for a master to come home?
The look of anxious expectancy
Barely masks the sadness of being alone.

Huge liquid eyes full of loyalty
Search the landscape for the sight
Of a loved one on an errand
Which could take most of a winter's night.

A cold wet nose pressed against the glass
As snowflakes fall under the starlights' glow.
Occasionally a glance at a big full moon
Shining on a yard of fresh snow.

Regularly a slow round trip is made
To every room in the house
To make sure nothing is out of place
Except, of course, the resident mouse.

Familiar smells greet the lonely friend
Of paint and lacquer and wood.
But all the rooms are quiet now
For one night of the year . . . it feels odd!

A door is reached to an adjoining world
Housing the master's friends of another kind.
Larger, more powerful and much more important
But our little sentinel doesn't mind.

He fondly recalls happy romps in the snow
And the smell of mangers of new hay,
And the many exciting practice drills
When the master brings out the sleigh.

But these friends are gone tonight, too
With the master on his errand of the year.
All the work and excitement is over
Ending in a night of travel for the deer.

The mouse has found a cookie lost
And settles in to enjoy his treat.
The doggie just sniffs his evening meal.
He will enjoy it when he has a master to greet.

His internal clock is telling him
The daybreak is on its way.
Starlight fades, the moon goes down
And black skies begin to gray.

He hears the bells and the barn door open,
The familiar clatter of hooves on stone.
He waits excitedly at the back door,
Night is over and the master is home.

Noise begins to fill the air,
Barks of joy and jolly shouts.
Loving cuddles and a wagging tail,
No one notices when the mouse slips out.

As the master spreads his warmth and cheer
Throughout the quaint little house,
The happy pooch is surrounded by
All his favorite sights and sounds.

Pipe smoke on the master's beard,
Cookies and milk splashed on his coat.
Snow and evergreen, holly and mistletoe,
And all that soot and cinder on his boots!

It's time to rest, relax and eat,
His worries are over for this year.
The errand is completed, the master is home,
And the loyal little doggie had nothing to fear.

Pets the world over know nothing of Christmas
And its connection with Heaven above.
Their only thoughts are loyalty and friendship
To those on this earth whom they love.

They live for the attention their masters give
And the joy during times of play.
Add food, shelter and love and their lives are complete
For a pet who is wanted Christmas is every day.

I always pictured Santa's puppy
As a dashound, long and sleek.
But it could also have been a St. Bernard
Whose courage would compensate for all the world's meek.

Either way a puppy is a companion
To cherish and hold dear to one's heart.
As individual as the master he loves and serves
And most often just as smart!

So the next time you see a doggie sadly watching
As his master prepares to leave,
Remember Santa's little doggie in the window
And the way he waited on Christmas Eve!

To Cody, Pound Puppy Extraordinaire

R. D. McKaig ©, Christmas 1994

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