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I want to heartily thank all that contributed to this site. 
You are the ones that make this site so different from 
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post your wonderful stories. Some of the following stories are Fanfic
Written by the fans, for The New Adventures of Robin Hood.
There is one orginal story, that does not have to do with the series. 
I want to urge everyone read the stories. 

They are witten with the spirit of Christmas in mind. Perhaps they will
help to give some christmas cheer. For some, that is the hardest day of the year.

I extend an invitation to post any christmas stories written by you on my site. As long as they are of the christmas theme. And they are not x-rated or slash.

To send your stories, email me at. 
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Merry Christmas everyone!!

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               Christmas Stories

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Original Christmas Stories
christmasdoll The Perfect Christmas DollBy Virginia Cavazos
Cindy was THE most perfect Christmas Doll. Until  one day, she realized that she was not as perfect as she thought she was.
Russell Odell Christmas Stories 
Russell Odell is a man that has been on this great planet for over ninety years. His love for Christmas is just as strong as mine. He has graciously allowed me to post his wonderful stories. He takes you to a gentle world he grew up in, and provides his own take on how Christmas traditions began.
Xmas1919 Christmas 1919
Russell delves into what is Christmas? How it started, what it has meant to other cultures. He paints a distict picture of how much it has changed, since that special day, he ran to the christmas tree as a small boy.
xmascountry Christmas Country
Russell takes you into his world as a child. Here you will see, through his eyes what Christmas was like for him as a small boy, in the country.
Santa Easter Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny
Where did Santa and the Easter Bunny come from? Russell provides some answers.
Rudolphs Nose Rudolphs Nose
Why does Rudolphs nose glow red?? Russell finds out, on a cold winter day.
Rudolphs Saga Rudolphs Saga
Why do reindeer fly? After playing a familiar christmas tune in the woods. Russell comes accross two very special reindeer.
Unforgettable Xmas Unforgettable Christmas
Russell  paints a special picture of a Christmas, that became unforgettable to him.
R. D. McKaig Christmas Stories
The gifts The Gifts  
Jenny's puppy and favorite doll are lost. She decides to search for them alone.She soon becomes just as lost as her puppy. As she tries to find her way home, she will meet danger, and be a part of a Christmas Miracle.
Waiting... Waiting...
As Santa comes home from his buisiest night, a loyal friend waits for his return.
Christmas Robin Hood Fanfic Stories
miracle A Christmas MiracleBy Joan Woodcock
 This is a charming Christmas tale told by Joan Woodcock. Joan is an absolute wonderfur author. I have to say, I had the shivers  at the end of the story. I shall say no more!


The Christmas Gift by Virginia The Lady in Waiting 
Robin and Marion are going to a ball! After what happened at Sir Guys, they needed a rest. It was a grand plan, but they did not count on someone setting plans in motion, that would break up the inseperable Robin and Marion.


Seeking a StarBy Paddy 
Christmas time is near. The camp is ready for winter. Marion cryptically threw him out of her tent. Surprised by her actions, he rides out alone. Robins thoughts wander, unaware of the danger that lurks in Sherwood. Forest, until it is to late.


The Better Gift By Verenize Bernal Curiel 
Christmas is near, and Robin doesn't have a gift for Marion. He searches though out Sherwood for a special gift for the woman he loves. Does he find it? 



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