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Christmas Graphics
On this site, you'll find Animated gifs, as well as clipart, and Backgrounds. After accumulating a truck  load of graphics, and making a few of my own. I decided to share what I have with my fellow webmasters, and mistresses. 

I do caution you. Please do not be a bandwidth thief! Mostly because it isn't going to work. I will be changing the directory I store the graphics in once a week. 

I've placed the gifs on colored backgrounds.
Just right click the image, to save it on your computer.

Animated Gifs

Animation1  / Animation 2  / Animation 3  / Animation 4  / Animation 5  / 
Animation 6  / Animation 7  / Animation 8  / Animation 9  / 
Animation 10  / Animation 11  / Animation 12 / Animation 13 
Animation 14

Clip Art

Clipart1  / Clipart 2
Clipart 3

Christmas Backgrounds

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