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Christmas 2001

This is an applet. If your computer cannot run Java, this will not work. Please allow time for the applet to Load.

This is a coloring applet, that allows you to use your mouse to color the different Christmas scenes. 
Coloring Pictures:
Just Click the arrowed button found at the top, after Page:
A window will open, showing you the different scenes to color. Move your curor down to the scene you want, and left click it.
Brush size:
At the bottom you will see a size button. Move the square, of click the arrowed buttons to change the size of your brush.
There are two ways you can pick colors. At the top right you will see colored boxes, or a color bar. Left click the color you want, you will see a black dot in the box. Go to the picture, hold the left button down on your mouse, and start coloring! 
For more colors, go to the bottom of the picture. You will see a spectrum of colors. Hold your left button down on your mouse, and move it across the color pallette. You will see the dot on the right change color. Once you see a color you like, you can use it on the picture. If you want to keep the color. Press down, Replace color in pattette button. Wherever the black dot is, on the top color bar, that color will be replaced by the new one. 
 To use trace, just click the circle, click the color you want to use. Then hold the left button on your mouse down, while you move it over the part of the picture you want to trace. 
This allows you to fill in the area's you want to color.
You can print out your picture, after you color it. At the top, you'll find a blank box. Click your mouse in it, and put the name of the artist. For explorer browsers, you can print out landscape or portrait. For Netscape users, you must use the landscape setting. You'll find it when you hit print, click properties for your printer. Then hit paper. You'll find two round buttons next to Portrait, and Landscape. Pick the landscape setting. Then you can print out your drawing.

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