Santa Claus Mask
Here's what you will need:
Paper plate / Red and pink construction paper
Fiberfill or large cotton balls
scissors / white glue / stapler
Step 1:
Cut the center out of the paper plate and save the rim. Cut out a red triangle hat from the construction paper and glue it to the top of the rim. Glue a fiberfill, or cotton ball at the point of the hat and a stip of fiberfill along the bottom of the hat.

Glue fiberfill all around the rim of the plate to make Santa's beard. Cut out pink cheeks and a red nose and glue them in place. Cut out eye holes, and mouth.

Staple the ends of a strip of red paper to each side of the back of the mask so that the strip forms a band to hold the mask in place.

I thank Mary Bell for contributing this craft.

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