Kwanzaa Hug Card

Here is what you will need:
Brown, white, black, and green construction paper
Black yarn cut in short strands
White glue

Step 1:
Using a dinner plate, or paper plate, trace a circle on brown paper. Cut the circle out. Using the glue, give the circle a face using paper cutouts for eyes, and markers. Glue on yarn hair (black yarn)

Step 2:
Cut a strip of green paper 18 inches (46 centimeters) long and 4 inches(10 centimeters) wide for the arms. Glue the head to the top middle of the strip. Trace around your hands on brown paper and cut out the hand shapes. glue one at the end of each arm. fold the arms toward the middle so that the hands overlap slightly.

Step 3:
Open the arms up and write "Here is a big Kwanzaa hug for you" and sign your name. close the arms and give the surprise hug to someone special.


I thank Mary Bell for contributing this craft.

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