Envelope Dreidel Card
Here is what you will need:

Two greeting card envelopes of the same size and color
Metallic trim
Colored construction paper
Black marker
White glue

open the flaps of the envelopes. Put glue along the sides of the back of the envelopes and along the outer edges of the flaps.

With the backs of the envelopes facing each other, glue the flaps and sides together. This will make a dreidel shape with a pocket inside.

Step 3:
Cut a handle for the driedel from construction paper. It should be long enough to slide all the way into the pocket to the point of the envelope, leaving a 4-inch (10 centimeter)handle sticking out of the other end. Write your Hanukkah message on the part of the handle that will be hidden. Write PULL at the top end of the handle and slide the message part of the handle into the dreidel pocket.

If you used white envelopes instead of colored ones, you may want to color the dreidel with markers or crayons. Draw a Hebrew letter-NUN, Gimel, Hay, or Shin- on the front of the dreidel with a black marker. Decorate the dreidel and handle by gluing on strips of metallic trim.
Wish someone you know a very happy Hanukkah with this unusual greeting card.

I thank Mary Bell for contributing this craft.

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