Advent Historysite
Where did Advent Calendars 
originate? As well as many advent
calendars for sale

Chocolate Advent Calendar
How to make a yummy Calendar

 Telematics advent calendar 
With many internet games

Billy Bears Advent Calendar
Billy Bears Calendar 4 Kids

Angel Tree Advent Calendar. 
It's filled with angels, and spectacular
internet special effects
Christmas Cookie Advent Calendar

Kids Arts and Crafts link site 
to many calanders

Rooney Design Flash-advent calendar. 
This one is a real fun  Give it time to load, 
then have fun guys!

 Holidays on the Net Website
Choc full of so many things, it will keep 
you busy until Christmas arrives

How stuff works, Calendar
Why do we have a christmas tree? 
Where did the giving of presents originate?
This site answers all your questions

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