Flying Angel

Heres what you'll need:
Three white paper plates
Construction paper in the skin color of your choice
Scrap of red construction paper
Markers / Tinfoil
Yarn for hair / Scissors
White glue / Silver glitter
Stapler and staples
Old christmas card with a christmas message you like

Step 1:Stack the three paper plates so that the rims are layered to one side and staple them together. Turn the plates over and cut from the layered rims up to a point on each side. This will make the angel dress. Cut two sleeves from the scraps and staple one to each side so that they are hanging down.Cut wings from the scraps and wrap them in tinfoil. Staple them to the top back of the angel. 

Step2: Cut hands, feet, and a head for the angel from construction paper. Draw a face on the angel's head with the markers. Cut heart-shaped cheeks from red paper and glue them in place. Cut bits of yarn for hair and glue them on. Squeeze a strip of tinfoil into the shape of a halo and glue it to the top of the angel's head. Glue the hands and feet in place.

Step 3: Decorate the angel's dress with silver glitter. Cut a Christmas messagefrom an old Christmas card and glue it between the angel's hands.


I thank Mary Bell for contributing this craft.

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