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I Love to makeup websites! 

As you will see, I seem to focus on a single Actor. 

Why? You may ask? 
You see 1997 I watched a wonderful series with a marvelous actor. He inspired me to write, and draw. I now have seven finished novels, and a reason for being on this ever shrinking planet. In thanks for inspirering me, I wish to spread the word of a marvelous actor...and my hero...
Matthew Porretta

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Matthew Porretta's 
Robin Hood

Matthew Porretta Online Fanzine
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With original Stories, Drawings and Poetry of the Television series. 
The New Adventures of Robin Hood 

Peruse  my 
Matthew Porretta 
Official Fan Site 

Matthew Porretta Fan Site
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to go to site 

Here you will find His Fanclub,
Biography, Photo Gallery,
SoundBites, and other goodies

This website is dedicated to the cable series
The New Adventures of Robin Hood

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On this site you will find a bio on each of the main actors. 
As well as a photo gallery, soundbites
and a review of each Episide.
(this site will be a work in progress)

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Dedicated to that six foot seven wonder!

Richard Ashton

Just click here, to go to his fansite.

Also, Visit my  Official Fansite. For that fantastic 
Actor, stuntman, an all around talented guy.

Dave Morizot

Just click here, to go to the site.
Currently, Dave is the Fight co-ordinator for the ABC telvision series

Email me Porrettaholic1@aol.com

Please Visit my Holiday Sites
They will remain open, year round.

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Halloween Website
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Christmas Website!

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Visit the website that I've made for My sister.
She's a Figure skating fan. The site is loaded with interviews and Photos of her favorite skaters. 
 to go to
IskatGal's Photo Gallery

I've made up a special website, to give out any information to those that may be suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I've only just found out I now have this incurable disease.
Click here for more info.


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